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  • Simpoles are strong and durable
  • Real world advice you can trust
  • We’re in Arizona – only a phone call away
  • Express shipping available
  • Unbeatable after sales service
  • We offer QUALITY poles at low prices
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Quality bespoke WFP equipment.

Our SimPoles are unique – designed and refined for ultimate strength and durability and field tested by experts.


Advice you can trust.

We clean windows too, so we can offer real world advice on which setup will best suit you and your business.


Unbeatable after sales service.

We know that a happy customer is the best advertising we can hope for, so we’re always on hand to help out if you have any teething problems with your new water fed pole.

a few words about us

SimPole water fed poles are the brainchild of Philip Alexander who has been a window cleaner since 1971.

When water fed pole cleaning was first introduced to the industry, Phillip quickly recognized that it was going to change how many people worked and recognized the many advantages on offer – but he also saw many places where improvements could be made.
Early water fed poles were very heavy, very flexible, had very long sections – and in some cases were simply not suitable for the job. Philip got to work and SimPole was born. The unique design uses 3 different types of carbon fiber to give that perfect balance of strength, durability and lightness.


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SimPole 50’rc Is the best Simple Multilevel Pole (SIM) (POLE) in the world  !

You have 4 sections 1-4 (21′ feet) for homes and another 4 sections 5-8 (29′) for commercial .

Each section comes apart from the section 1 (4′.6″) to section 8 (7′.6″).

Less then 9′ feet complied together into one 8 section’ pole collapsed.

The real cool thing  is the extra simc4 which is 6′ feet and can go into the section 5 to make it an extra pole

out of sections 5-8 ( Two Poles for the Price of one) add $225 of $1,975.00

A 50′ foot hose and brush for two complete systems.

Sim7/8 extensions at 15′ feet each will make it the tallest WFP pole in the world! When you add 4 sections! (60′ feet and 50′ ) Wow 110′ feet

50 feet 1 sim7/8 = 65′ only $395 a section or $275 at time of order with sim50r/c

1-4 21′ feet section 1 .4′.6″ feet.

Section 4 at 6′ feet perfect for homes at 2 pounds!

5-8 29′ feet to give a sim-commercial 50′

Section 5 at 6′.7 “to section 8 at 8′ feet which is perfect for a high reach SimPole at 50′

New simc4 6′ foot section that will fit in section 5′ and have a section one taper on top of it

to put brush on to give your two poles at the price of one!