Definitely SimPole! Excellent clamps. Bumpers between sections are simple but brilliant. I have 53′ carbon fiber. Nice and solid while still being very light. Excellent price.

I wanted to give a shout out to you Phillip for all the help you have given me over the last few weeks. I met Phillip at the 17′ IWCA conference as a fairly new guy to window cleaning. Over the last few week’s Phillip let me come along on a number of jobs with him and really showed me the ropes with water fed window cleaning, among other things. Now that I am on my feet running my own business I have called Phillip a number of times with questions and he always answers his phone to help. The most endearing part of it all is I haven’t bought a single product from the man. Seriously, nothing. He was and continues to be willing to help me at no benefit to him with things he would normally charge for. Who doesn’t charge for professional consultation? Phillip is a good man and a veteran window cleaner, he really does know his stuff. Lastly I will say I got to use and handle his SimPole system on both homes and storefront as well as see his shop where je makes them. Two things that stood out about the SimPole system: the RO cart is very well built and the pole is solid as a rock and very rigid. Good clamps on it too. I own a Tucker pole and RO/DI system currently but I would happily use the SimPole system in my own business with complete confidence in its results. I ran it for two days and it works very well, period. I have been impressed with Phillip and his entire operation, especially the ingenuity of the SimPole system. I’d be bumping my head a lot more if it weren’t for Phillip and all the time he has taken to help me. Thank’s Phillip!