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Pole Only B-45 HMCFP Save $800 Now !

simb-45 hm/cf/ 63msi-$1,875.00 Sale $1,475.00

simc-35 hm/cf/63msi-$1,475.00 Sale $1,075.00

simd-25 hm/cf/63msi/$975.00  Sale $ 775.00

Product Description

  True 45 foot extended length
Ours is 63 MSI

Simpole B-45 HMCFP Save $600 Now !

Double layer design 1.37- 1.6 3 types of 100% carbon fiber  for unbeatable strength, weight & rigidity. The inner carbon fiber layer gives strength while the overlay of light, stiff  63 msi carbon fiber gives class-leading stiffness.

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It is also used to make carbon fiber with a pyrolizing process, which means it is heated to ultra high temperatures to remove all elements except the carbon. Most carbon fiber is sold at this point and it has a tensile modulus of 33 million pounds per square inch (MSI). ( Tensile modulus is a measurement of stiffness.)
Grades of Carbon Fiber | Calfee Design is 63 MSI ! with simGold Line and 55 HM msi SimBlue Line

This design makes it one of the lightest, stiffest, and strongest carbon fiber window cleaning poles in the world.

The closed size is less than 6′ 10″, and the total pole weight is a tiny 9 pounds!

What Is 63 MSI Carbon Fiber?

HM63 carbon fiber is a grade of carbon fiber that up until recently was only used in applications like UAV, commercial aerospace, helicopters as well as premium sports and recreation applications such as Formula 1, marine, bikes, and fishing rods. Advances in manufacturing mean that this exotic material is finally affordable for use in a wide variety of products, and we believe it will revolutionize the Water Fed Pole industry.

Or $1,875.00 with free simc-4($375.00)  Or Sim 17 hy/cf ($375.00)