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SimPure 550-2400/GPD Pure Water Machine $1,475.00 ! $ Free 75/25 Hy Bred SimPole ($375)

Product Description

The SimPure trolley is a custom built on-demand pure water machine built from the ground up with window cleaning in mind. Simply plug it into your customers water supply and you’re ready to start producing pure water immediately. The frame is lightweight yet durable, and keeps all your water purifying equipment in on compact & easy to move package. The large pneumatic tires make moving the trolley across gravel driveways or lawns a breeze, yet the unit is incredibly stable & won’t be blown over in a breeze if left unattended. There’s even a 2nd set of wheels mounted at the top of the trolley so that it can be laid down flat.

Mounted on the trolley is a 4040 the best ro HF5 low-pressure membrane which gives outstanding results without requiring a booster pump – it will operate at pressures as low as 20 psi! mounted in hard pvc housing.

To protect the reverse osmosis membrane, the SimPure 550 comes complete with two pre-filters – a 10″ sediment filter to remove any dirt particles from the water supply and a 10″ charcoal filter to remove chlorine from the water. If these pre-filters are changed regularly it can extend the lifespan of the reverse osmosis membrane for years.

After the pre-filters and the reverse osmosis membrane remove over 95% of impurities* the 4th and final part or the purification process is a 21″ refillable DE-ionisation filter which removes the final impurities.

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Sim-15 6 section 75 cf/25fg Hybrid

Posted by Phillip Alexander on Saturday, 11 March 2017