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Your RO water is now clean enough to drink!

Recommend you turn off DI when making drinkable SimDrink


Quantum disinfection kills bacteria at the cellular level. Silecte™ is the world’s only disinfectant media that kills 100% of micro-organisms with no chemicals. Currently being deployed in water and wastewater reclamation, we have tested it in water bottles and RO filters with extraordinary results.  The EPA has tested it and found it to be non-leaching.  In fact, the EPA has established a CREDA for Silecte™.  This is now the new standard by which all disinfection processes can be judged.

Quantum Disinfection

Silecte Quantum is Changing the WorldSilecte™ disinfection media is manufactured using elemental P-type semiconductor technology and solid-state theory. This patented media contains a powerful electron flowing surface, eliminating the need for outside power or chemical sources for disinfection.

Silecte™ Quantum Disinfection is chemical-free, power-free, maintenance-free and extremely cost effective, Silecte™ works as a final disinfection solution for all fluid applications on any scale.