SSS SimSolarSystem

Product Description

  1. Sim hydro filter
  2.  Charcoal, sediment filter
  3. 14″ Sim nylon Brush with 3/8 to 1/4 brass connectors for great volume
  4.  Extra charcoal and Sediment filter
  5. With hose’s




We Design Solar Maid Cleaning System!

3 filter  tool box system

changeable filters sediment and charcoal

10 years on the simhydrochanger

What is a Hydrochanger Catalytic Water Conditioner?
The Hydrochanger is an inline catalytic water conditioner. It is neither a “water softener” nor a “water filter”. It can improve the condition of water for your entire property. The Hydrochanger Catalytic Water Conditioner is the natural, non-chemical solution for your hard water problems. The Hydrochanger is Eco-Friendly virtually maintenance free and comes with a 10 Year Ltd. Warranty

How does the  Hydrochanger work?
It works through basic principles of fluid mechanics coupled with our unique media design that converts chloride particles such as; Calcium, Magnesium, Boron and Sodium elements into neutralized nano-particles that goes into solution and passes through your water supply system. As water passes through the Hydrochanger Conditioner the cohesiveness of the scale-causing chloride particles in the water that causes hard water issues is either eliminated or significantly reduced.

How Does The Unit Work?

Within each Hydrochanger Water Conditioner  a three phase conditioning process is achieved;

1. Polarization: In the first stage, water passes into the unit through flow modulators that polarize the water stream along with the materials contained within it. This action formats the water so that the following process can impact the water stream more completely.

2. Oxidation Reduction (Redox Process): The propensity and ability for water to scale and harden through oxidation is reduced as water flows over the Nano-Technology developed Ceramic Media that contains a matrix of minerals and rare earth elements.

3. Ionization: As the water stream passes over the Ceramic Media, the electron fields of the materials within the water stream overlap with the electron fields of the materials contained within the Ceramic Media. The exchange of ions is encouraged and enhanced. The turbulent water flow through these materials creates a self-generating Piezo Static Electric charge that aids the entire process. We design there system!