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  • img_6935Strong and stiff 63.3 msi hm carbon fiber!

True  65 feet $2,475 8 sections 2 extentions

True 45 feet .$1,075 8 sections no brush or hose sale

True  45 feet $1,475  8 sections complete sale

True 26 feet  $875    5 sections Sale $675.00 Wow Great SimGold for only $675.00 $200 off. https://youtu.be/_jhXVE2o_GI


What is 63 HM msi

HM63 carbon fiber is an ideal candidate for high stiffness and high strength applications such as space, satellite,

UAV, commercial aerospace, helicopters as well as premium sports and recreation applications such as Formula 1, marine, bikes, and fishing rods.

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