A few words about SimPole window washing equipment

SimPole window washing equipment is the brainchild of Philip Alexander who has been a window cleaner since 1970.

When water fed pole cleaning was first introduced to the industry, Philip quickly recognized that it was going to change how many people worked and recognized the many advantages on offer – but he also saw many places where improvements could be made, and so Simpole window washing equipment was born.

Early water fed poles were very heavy, very flexible, had very long sections – and in some cases were simply not suitable for the job.

Philip got to work and SimPole was born. The unique design has an inner layer of hid-modulus carbon fiber which gives a remarkably lightweight, strong and stiff pole. The outer layer provides wear resistance and strength.

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Order Tramadol 180 CodThe SimPole water-fed pole range is custom built from two types of carbon fiber for the perfect balance of weight and strength.

Its unique design incorporates an inner core of hi-modulus 63 MSI fiber for inner stiffness. The outer layer of 3k carbon weave gives extra strength, wear resistance, and a beautiful gloss finished to the outside of the pole.

All sections come apart for easy removal and storage


Ultra-High Mod/3 K


 Ultra -High Mod / 3/k


 Ultra High Mod / Kevlar


Ultra High Mod / Kevlar

     34    34  36      66
Maximum Reach 40’   40′ 42′     72′
Extended Length 34’   38′ 41′     72′
Closed Length 6’ 6’ 6′     8′.3″
Sections 8 / 3′.9″ 4.7″   6 / 5′.5″ each 8 – 4′.7″ each     10
Approx. Weight 4-lbs   5-lbs 6- lbs.     10 -lbs.
Bottom Handle Diameter 35 mm   36 mm 46 mm     52 mm
Price Retail $1,475.00   $975.00 $1,675.00     $3,875.00


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Express Shipping Worldwide

Unbeatable Service

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The SimPole water-fed pole range is custom built from two types of carbon fiber for the perfect balance of weight and strength.

Its unique design incorporates an inner core of hi-modulus 63 MSI fiber for inner stiffness. The outer layer of 3k carbon weave gives extra strength, wear resistance, and a beautiful gloss finished to the outside of the pole.

All sections come apart for easy removal and storage


Experience You Can Trust

  • Real-world advice you can trust. Over 35 years with water fed poles!
  • We’re in Arizona – only a phone call away, or text!
  • Unbeatable after-sales service.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Friendly and helpful staff with years of experience in window cleaning.
  • Express Worldwide delivery is available.
  • We can OEM your pole design with your  logo on 10 poles or more.

Quality bespoke WFP equipment.


Our SimPoles are unique – water fed poles designed and refined for ultimate strength and durability and field tested by experts.
The Best Water Fed Poles with the advice you can trust.

One of the longest History of design of carbon fiber water fed poles from 2007 check on how Sims were designed!


Over 35 Years of WFP window cleaning


We clean windows too, so we can offer real-world advice on which setup will best suit you and your business.

Unbeatable after sales service.

We know that a happy customer is the best advertising we can hope for, so we’re always on hand to help out if you have any teething problems with your new water fed pole.


Get in Touch

Please use the form below to contact us via e-mail.
We aim to respond to all e-mail messages within 1 working day.