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Soft Wash Pole Pressure Wash KIT

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All You need to used your section 6 pole to soft wash or pressure wash from the ground $450.00 Comes with all 5 attachments a ($ 525.00 ) value 1.PST Pressure Washer Tip ( $ 95.00) 2.Blue non marketing  hose 25 feet with tips on both ends  ($ 110.00) 3.Handle for section six ($ 75.00) […]

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What equipment does a window cleaner need?

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What equipment does a window cleaner need?   Window cleaning is not an ordinary task anymore.  It really is reserved for professionals who have the right tools and equipment to clean any window. Whether you want to clean the windows of your own home or to open a window cleaning service, it is essential to […]

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Portable ro/di PH7 Mini with ShoGun

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Small foot print and can be put in small car!

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Ultra High Mod 3k 28 first 4 sections are a perfect trad!

Wroth $3,075 Sale $2,475.00


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