Matt from Just Windows Prescott AZ

From Mat at // “First pole was this weird Unger pole maybe 20’ looked just like a trad pole but was curved at the top. Then a Tucker 45’ aluminum complete with soap dispenser. Then an ABC copy of the Gardiner modular pole, stiffer than anything ever right up to 60’ but fragile as all get out. Then a Gardiner CLX which I thought was great until I got wind of all carbon fiber poles and picked up a RI – Pro which I picked up about 4-5 years ago. I like it despite constant clamp problems but now only use it on bigger stuff since at 7’ collapsed it really isn’t a good match for resi which is 95% of what I do. So now my main squeeze isince early last year is a 25’ Simpole, collapsed length of under 5’ and all Hi-Mod. Perfect for what I do and I can add a couple of sections from the RI-Pro when needed. I like it a lot and can just go over to Phil’s house and pick up parts. I still use my CLX, floppy as it is, as a trad pole.