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  • Solar Array Kevlar Ultra High Mod Pole

    //// // Ultra High Mod Inside with Kevlar outside ////     ALPHA SCRUBBER The latest and greatest window cleaning tool from Tucker® The Alpha Scrubber blends the Tucker® Alpha brush concept with durable white scrub pads for those extremely … Read More

    not rated $1,675.00
  • Excalibur 32

    Excalibur Ultra High Mod /Kevlar 32′

    Comes with Tucker Hog Hair Nylon Brush 12″

    retail $1675.00 sale complete $1,475.00 add 10 feet $300 $1775.00

    50 feet simsuper hose 5/16 Black

    Add $100 for sim hog hair super brush 14″

    Pole only sale $1,275.00

    not rated $1,675.00
  • Soft Wash Kevlar Ultra High Mod (63msi) Carbon Fiber Pole

    comes with all 3 attachments a $275.00 value The Chariot Vic’s Power Tip Pressure washer handle  Made out of PETG which gives strength, UV resistance,Chemical Resistance,Temperature Resistance -Weighs just under 3lbs -Fits a wide variety of poles, can be placed … Read More

    not rated $1,275.00
  • Sale!

    Excalibur Dagger 8/9 Extension’s

    Ultra High Mod / Kevlar

    not rated $475.00 $375.00