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AC 65 CF/HM $1,800.00



The Aquaclean Carbon Fiber Pole system is designed to deliver the precise balance between rigidity and weight, without sacrificing durability or strength. Each pole has an aluminum outer tube that provides added strength while protecting the expensive carbon fiber inner pole. This is simple the best water fed pole available.

• Clamp design has positive locking tabs that won’t release unintentionally.
• Tapered bottom clamp prevent snags and keeps the clamps separated to prevent pinch points.
• Durable endcap protects the end of the pole and features a side hose aperture that prevents kinks.
• All poles are shipped with a 12″ brush, angle adaptor and hose.
• Additional size brushes sold separately.
• Actual cleaning height may vary.
Model: 65 ft.
Code: 7265