Sim-One Residential


$1,475.00 $1,275.00

This Ultra High Mod / 3k pole to reach over 30 feet in 8 sections !


Sim Katana is a 4.2 x 8 section pole with 2 types of carbon fiber .

  1. Ultra High Mod inside to give lightness and strength
  2. High Gloss on a 3k weaver to give strenght and durability a glass like smooth long wearing finish

Is a Japanese sword characterized by a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands. It was used by the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan.

So in the tradition of Ancient sword making the sim Katana has the same care in design and production!

The New Katana is made with inner weave of  Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber and 3 K Carbon fiber on the outside !

The SimKatana is 4.2 x 8 sections for  reach of 32 feet but a closed length of 4.8

Great long lasting SimPoles like the real masterpiece!