The PH7 is a four stage two pole capable system for water fed pole window cleaning specifically designed to save you money on filters and overall cost. We are the best quality built two pole system with the best price on the market today. Our efficient PH7 unit can typically make pure enough water without even using the DI filter, which is great news because that saves you a TON of money on filters! The two pre-filters and high quality RO are what makes this possible on the PH7.


Our unique design features the only system with a stainless steel chassis and RO Housing. The RO Housing forms the backbone of our dolly system, making the PH7 lighter and more mobile than most systems around. Standing just over 4 feet tall and only weighing in at 83.4 pounds dry, and 113.4 pounds fully loaded with water. Everything on this unit is quality and built to last. Our 1 HP Wayne pump is made from stainless steel with a plastic impeller, which is great when compared to many other systems that use cast iron pumps, which can cause rust contamination damaging your filters or at the very least limiting their longevity. Our two pre-filters consist of first, a 5 micron sediment filter that is designed to filter out any rust, calcium, dirt, or other large sediments. Secondly, the water then runs through a carbon block filter. This second filter is to protect your RO from any chlorine damage that may be found in city water. All of the filters used on the PH7 are commonly found at your local hardware store or online, making replacements easy to find. Our 4″x40″ RO membrane is what begins the purification process. In most areas you can bring the water under 10 PPM and start cleaning windows. If the water in your area is exceptionally hard then you can run the water through the final DI filter.


Having doubts? Not sure if the PH7 fits your needs? Please Contact Us with any questions! You can rest assured knowing this system has three years of research and development and field testing. Seven different window cleaning companies tested it around the United States for the entirety of the 2016 season. Everyone had fantastic results and most showed a huge savings in how much money and how many DI filters they used compared to their previous systems. We are now happy to be bringing the system to you! Please visit our Reviews page to read some of the testimonials and get their opinions on our system! We hope to do business with you soon! Keep washing!