Sim22-Shorty-3′.7″ to 52′ feet




 The Sim1-Shorty  is part of our residential range.

The SimPole water-fed pole range is custom built from two types of carbon fiber for the perfect balance of weight and strength.

Its unique design incorporates an inner core of hi-modulus fiber for strength. The outer layer of 3k carbon weave gives extra strength, wear resistance, and a beautiful gloss finished to the outside of the pole.

Extent  Sim1Pole Pole by up to 10.5 FT. at a time! 7/8- 12′ 9/10- 12′ 11/12 -12′ total all 3 30′ feet! 5.7 x 6 (30.6)

KEVLAR is an amazing material – it is incredibly light, very rigid, and totally non-conductive.  All sections come apart for easy removal and storage.The new Sim-one pole range features tough, easy to service, bolt-on clamps that make for a long-lasting poleAll poles come with  5/16 and 5/16 thread adapters for UK brushes. An Unger goose-neck removable tip is also included.sim22′ comes with a 10″heavy duty nylon brush, 50′  Sim 32-42 come with 5/16 super hose up to 150 psi 3/4 hose connectors with adapters for 5/6 Uk hose or brushes.   5-year warranty on clamps and pole sections.

closed length of sim22 at 4.’ feet makes it one of the shortest closed residential pole foot pole in the world!


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Sim-One H22, Sim-One H32, Sim-One H42, Sim-One H52