Sim-One 61′ Ultimate WFP


The Sim-One 61’ is the largest WFP pole in our flagship range.

sections 3′.7″ x 6 (sim22′) 6 x 6′.7″ (sim61′)

The Sim-One WFP range is custom built from two types of carbon fiber for the perfect balance of weight and strength.

Its unique design incorporates an inner core of hi-modulus 63 MSI fiber for strength. The outer layer of 3/k carbon weave gives extra strength, wear resistance, and a beautiful gloss finished to the outside of the pole. Sections 1-6 3′.7″ each for short home pole and stiffer long pole at 61′. Sections 7/8 6′.7″ each hi-mod 3/k for strength in the middle sections. 9-12 hi-mod. Kevlar for stiffness and strong light sections  at 6′.7″ feet each.

All sections come apart for easy removal and storage.

The new Sim-one pole range features tough, easy to service, bolt-on clamps that make for a long-lasting pole.

All poles come with 3/8 hose and 5/16 thread adapters for UK brushes. An Unger goose-neck removable tip is also included.

Sim 61′  comes with a 14″ heavy duty nylon brush, 100′ foot clear 3/8 hose with shut off, 3/4 hose connectors with adapters for 5/6 Uk hose or brushes.

1-year warranty on clamps and pole sections.

The Sim-One Range:

Sim-One 22′ Sim-One 35′ Sim-One 48′ Sim-One 61′
Maximum Reach 26′ 38” 49′ 61′
Extended Length 20′ 32′ 43′ 55′
Closed Length 4′ 6′.9″ 7′.11 8′.1
Sections 6 8 10 12
Approx Weight 2lbs 6lbs 8lbs 12lbs
Bottom Handle Diameter 35mm 46mm 50mm 52mm
Price Retail $875 $1,200 $1,625 $2,125


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