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We have a unique selection of Tensile Strength 630 ksi 4,344 MPa

Ultra High-Mod water fed pole’s!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Products include our flagship  SimPoles

Also the new 100% carbon fiber 3 k Traditional 12′ WC Poles

SimTrad Tad Pole CF $250



We also have WFP hosing & connectors, and water purification equipment. Everything you need for your window cleaning business. Our premium SimPole brand products Tested designs with 13 years in the market place. Built with ultimate strength and durability in mind, but still amazingly lightweight and easy to use.


Shop with confidence! With over 35  years of experience with the water fed technology! 50 years in the window cleaning industry! We focus on customer satisfaction, so you’re in good hands!

Solar panel cleaning systems, WFP accessories, WFP brushes, and WFP bundle deals.

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7:30 AM Antony
SimPole changing the way we water fed pole for 13 years!