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SimPole From 2006


Sim22 Best price Ultra High Mod 63 msi 3k Poles in the market! and they like it! Customer Reviews Really Great ProductQuality100%I work for Glass and Grasa in Amelia Islans, FL. Recently we had 6000 sq ft house with very high windows. Needless to say the job went great because of the Simpole. I will never need another pole!Review by Paul Posted on5/30/19 Awesome all around!Quality100%I’ve been skeptical about what pole to buy and when I came across the SimPole, I noticed rite away this is hands down the one. I have section 1-8 and one of the many things I love about this is that they ONLY make the best hi mod pole and you can add more sections down the road. Don’t be fooled by anyone else. This is the best hands down. SimPole says it all!!!Review by Anthony Posted on5/7/19 Real quality – Great Service by SimpoleQuality100%The fit and finish on the Simpole is the first thing I saw when I opened the box. This is pure quality, I was impressed on first appearance. But how is the weight and stiffness? This thing is STIFF. And weights about ~5lbs. I love my Simpole!Review by Duffy Posted on4/1/19 Great Pole!!!Quality100%A must have. Lightweight enough so you won’t get fatigued and strong enough where it won’t break… got lots of bend. High quality pole!! Worth the $$Review by NewViewWC Posted on3/17/19 Perfect PoleQuality1
Phillip Alexander has been a window cleaner 45 years and is the  inventor of window washing SimPole water fed carbon fiber pole.

“PVV” Are You being lead down the course of Perceived Vendor Value (PVV). A vendor acquires a new product and the window cleaner rushes to purchase the most recent, new water fed equipment, yet within a year or two, it becomes really noticeable it was not created with the window cleaner in mind! would it not be better to have Repairable, Replaceable, and Reliable (RRR) Systems instead of Perceived Vendor Value (PVV). Water Fed Poles and Water Systems that have track records of years used by real window cleaning and made by a window cleaner with 50 years of experience.

What is the advantaged of this?

1. You get enhancements in the poles and the systems as the inventor use the product real life of window cleaning.

2. It may cost more making a long-lasting product that lasts for several years then a fast turn-around profit for the vendor of excursive products.

3. Do you reach-search with window cleaning guys that the pole or systems for many years to view just how they are working overtime?

4. Do they help you repaired the Poles and RO systems or merely sell you high price replacement parts? This is merely some of the reasons purchasing directly from a developer and a window cleaner so watch out for the PVV and go with the RRR. Equipment.

SimPole Inc
3290 N Glassford Hill Rd, Suite 104, PMB 163, Prescott Valley, AZ
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Phillip Alexander

Steve Stateler
6 months ago
Bought one at the exact same time as another brand about 5 yrs. ago. Heavy usage. Ive had to repair a few times and its cracked lenghtwise probably due to heavy use. But still using every day. Would give 5 stars but the other pole is holding up much better under the same usage. For the money. I would say it is a decent pole.
Response from the owner 6 months ago

New onew are Ultra High Mod now with Kevlar. Sens that one back and I can reclamp and fix it up. //

Art Scott

6 months ago
Phillip, The TradTadPole is an awesome pole with great clamps and smooth nonslip grip when wet. Thank you. (The Unger original tip non locking fits perfect in 0 clamp.) just saying.
Response from the owner4 months ago
Sim22 Best price Ultra High Mod 63 msi 3k Poles in the market! and they like it! Customer Reviews
Really Great Product Quality100%I work for Glass and Grass in Amelia Island, FL. …More

Vic Irish

8 months ago
Simpoles are great poles for multiple purposes. You probably know about using it for water fed window cleaning, but I have also used mine for cleaning solar panels, cob webbing, gutter cleaning, softwashing, and snow brooming. It is a light …More

nigel edlin

6 months ago
with a vast history of knowledge and experience Phil is certainly my Go to supplier.

Alberto Colls

7 months ago
Vladimir Nagalin
6 months ago

Charlie Laurie

7 months ago

David Beal

5 months ago

Avalon Window Cleaning

7 months ago
Response from the owner 7 months ago


Jim Catlett

Denny Toomey

6 months ago

Looking into on your own with Google and Social Media. Phillip Alexander 50 years cleaning windows Developer and designer of the SimPole Water Fed Brand System’s.  The window cleaners supplier of SimPole Brand Systems. Internet Store on FaceBook Water-Fed Poles & Water Fed Pole Systems for home window cleansing. Clean windows approximately 80 foot reach feet without ladder.

To contact Phillip, you can email him directly