Along the same line, I wrote this years ago! PVV
Phillip Alexander window cleaner 45 years. The inventor of window washing SimPole water fed carbon fiber pole. phil@simpole.com
“PVV” Are You being lead down the course of Perceived Vendor Value (PVV).
A vendor acquires a new product and the window cleaner rushes to purchase the most recent, new water fed equipment, yet within a year or two, it becomes really noticeable it was not created with the window cleaner in mind! would it not be better to have
Repairable, Replaceable, and Reliable (RRR) Systems instead of Perceived Vendor Value (PVV).
Water Fed Poles and Water Systems that have track records of years used by real window cleaning and made by a window cleaner with 45 years of experience. Do most vendors even clean windows?
What is the advantaged of this?
1. You get enhancements in the poles and the systems as the inventor use the product real life of window cleaning.
2. It may cost more making a long-lasting product that lasts for several years then a fast turn-around profit for the vendor of excursive products.
3. Do you reach-search with window cleaning guys that the pole or systems for many years to view just how they are working overtime?
4. Do they help you repaired the Poles and RO systems or merely sell you high price replacement parts?
This is merely some of the reasons purchasing directly from a developer and a window cleaner so watch out for the PVV and go with the RRR. Equipment.
Looking into on your own with Google and Social Media.
Phillip Alexander 45 years cleaning windows phil@simpole.com.
Developer and designer of the SimPole Water Fed Brand System’s.
The window cleaners supplier of RRR SimPole Brand Systems.
Internet Store on FaceBook
//www.facebook.com/…/a.20594…/1422411781118799/… New simb-45 carbon fiber pole after 9 years of design the best one yet! simb2-45 hm 65 MSI
Water-Fed Poles & Water Fed Pole Systems for home window cleansing. Clean windows approximately 80 foot reach feet without Ladders!
P Perceived “analyzes or views (a person or something) in a certain way”.
So through the eyes of the vendor, we find out concerning a new item which at some point is excellent like the “journal” or “Sorbo Soren Squeegee” which together in my opinion of using them with each other for 15 years is among the best mix of two excellent development’s.
Water-Fed Poles & Water Fed Pole Systems for home window cleansing. Tidy home windows as much as 72 feet without ladders! Designed and made unique in AZ USA.
We have used water fed poles from1983 with our first Tucker Metal Pole. In 2007 we started to make our own water fed poles with www.simpole.com We feel we have one of the best design WFP on the market so check it out at www.window-washing-equipment.com//www.youtube.com/watch?v=902fa2u0mKc
Home phil@simpole.com Text to 865-256-2225 – Simpole | Window Cleaning Equipment You Can Rely On
Clip of range of SimPole s //window-washing-equipment.com/…/2010-simpole-going-…/… All Amercian Window Cleaning, Inc. Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning All American Window Cleaning, In AWC Interviews Phil Alexander Inventive & Resourceful, Phil Enjoys his Business
Phillip Alexander
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Phillip Alexander
Phillip Alexander

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Phillip Alexander