Water Fed Pole Accessories

Soft Wash 24′ Kevlar Ultra High Mod (63msi) Carbon Fiber Pole

$1,875.00 $1,475.00



Kevlar Pole 24′ feet 4′.7 x 6 sections

comes with all 3 attachments a $275.00 value

Vic’s Power Tip

Pressure washer handle 


Pressure Wash Fan Jets On Wheels

The Chariot Add $90.00


Add Foam Blaster for $50.00

Pressure Washer Foam Blaster

Made out of PETG which gives strength, UV resistance,Chemical Resistance,Temperature Resistance

-Weighs just under 3lbs

-Fits a wide variety of poles, can be placed close to end of pole of every in the middle to allow for the proper angle of applications. Chariots can even be daisy chained in instances such as large solar panels, or high roof washes.

-GoPro Mountable

ADD $90.00

Very Light Ultra high mod Kevlar Stiff soft wash poles!

Pole Kevlar and Ultra High Mod carbon fiber comes with vics adapter

and pressure wash handle and the trident

Fits on section 6 of SimPole