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  • SimShorty UD/3K 100% CB Eco-24′

    Great Employee wfp sim pole 4.2 x 6 ud/3k With brush and hose!

    not rated $675.00
  • Excalibur Dagger 8/9 Extension’s

    Ultra High Mod / Kevlar

    not rated $475.00
  • Ultra High Mod 3/k extensions

    these are ultra high mod with 3 k outside 7/8 sim22′ to 32′ simcblack from 30′ to 40′ feet $375.00 sections 7/8 4.2 8 feet each 9/10 sim32′ to 42′ simcblack 40′ to 50′ feet $425.00  sections 9/10  5.5 10 … Read More

    not rated $375.00
  • Extensions for 11.6 feet 7/8

    7/8 Extensions two for  $375 or $250 each  These sections make the sim22′ residential into a 32′ foot pole!

    not rated $375.00

    Broken a pole section? Don’t worry, we can have a replacement at your door quickly with express shipping. Replacements for each section 1- 12  cost just $250.00 each. Full fitting instructions are provided Add a note to your order saying … Read More

    not rated $250.00
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  • Sale!
    not rated $250.00 $215.00
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    Sim550 filter Kit

    Two charcoal two sediment two di, two new refill containers

    not rated $250.00 $200.00
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    Sim H0615 Hand Crank Hose Reel With 75 feet of 5/16 Hose

    Sim H0615 –  with 75of 5/16′  Hose-Hand Crank Hose Reel This heavy-duty hand crank air hose reel is the next best thing to the auto-retractable units. Smooth operation and universal mounting options make this a great choice! With 100 feet … Read More

    not rated $225.00 $175.00
  • Sale!

    10″ Nylon FootBall WFP Brush For French Panes

    10″ Nylon FootBall WFP Brush For French Panes Free Shipping Our 10″ nylon football WFP brush has been specially designed for pure water cleaning of french panes. The unique design gets into all the awkward corners! Now with a hog … Read More

    not rated $175.00 $150.00
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    Tucker 12″ ALPHA hog/nylon

    Best Price around!

    Tucker® Alpha Hybrid Brush – Standard Size

    The Tucker® Alpha Hybrid brush includes our hybrid brush with 2 pencil jets internally plumbed for rinse inside the bristles as well as our lightweight plastic rinse bar, and our swivel gooseneck.

    This provides the user the option of rinsing inside the bristles, over the top with the rinse bar, or both if you incorporate a Y fitting to supply water to both the inside pencil jets and the rinse bar.

    So, why did we call it the Alpha brush?

    Investopedia defines Alpha as:

    -Alpha is used in finance as a measure of performance.  Alpha, often considered the active return on investment, gauges the performance of investment against a market index or benchmark which is considered to represent the market’s movement as a whole.  The excess return of an investment relative to the return of a benchmark index is the investment’s alpha.

    Alpha is often used in conjunction with BETA, which measures VOLATILITY or risk.  Alpha is also often referred to as ‘excess return’ or ‘abnormal rate of return’.


    We consider this brush to be the absolute investment you can make in your window or solar panel cleaning company


    not rated $175.00 $145.00
  • Vics Power Wash Tip

      soft washing roofs with sim power pack! Add water broom for $75.00 Add Pressure Wash handle for $60.00 to fit on and section 6 of any SimPole Add SimPole solar Pole ultra high mod Kevlar 4.6 x 6 24′ … Read More

    not rated $125.00