kevlar outside Ultra high mod inside 5.5 x 2 Kevlar and Ultra High Mod Extensions 9 over 8 8 into 9

Electrical Conductivity
Ultra High Mod Extensions 9 over 8 8 into 9
While carbon fiber is very definitely conductive, Kevlar® and Glass do not conduct electricity.

Kevlar® is used for guy lines in transmission towers. Although it is not conductive, it can absorb water and the water does conduct electricity (or rather minerals in the water make it conductive.) so in such applications a waterproof coating is applied to the Kevlar.

Because Carbon Fiber does conduct electricity, galvanic corrosion is a concern when it is in contact with other metallic parts.

Boaters, who have carbon fiber masts and spars, have learned to insulate their aluminium fasteners and connections to avoid corrosion.

Carnwennan, or Carnwenhau, was the dagger of King Arthur in the Welsh Arthurian legends



Or Dagger

5.5 each sections add 8/9 for 10 feet!